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Whole Wheat Creative is a full-service, creatively-driven communications firm. For the past 20 years we have helped our clients reach their goals, through innovative design, data-driven marketing and proven methodology.

Our experience, capabilities and
single-layer management structure keeps us
streamlined and "bottom-lined."

We are in business to build your business.
The work on this website will show you
how we have built ours.

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Whole Wheat Creative is a creatively-driven communications firm providing a full-array of strategic, creative and technical services. Our clients benefit from the experience of seasoned professionals from some of most respected agencies in the industry.

The collective branding experience of the WWC team includes: Southwest Airlines, Exxon, Shell, HP, Sony, Verizon, The Home Depot, BP, DuPont, Stewart Title – an impressive blend of corporate branding and successful retail.

We also offer a wide range of online marketing services including our SmartOpt program. SmartOpt is a targeted approach to search engine marketing and focuses on driving high-quality traffic to your website. Using Information Path Mapping©, SmartOpt is able to create a comprehensive custom campaign that maximizes your ROI on every dollar invested in search engine marketing.

In addition to our creative and stratigic services, WWC also offers a wide range of technical products and services. Our staff includes both Google certified professionals as well as certified Apple developers operating in an on-site Tier-1 studio.


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Learning to Read Has Never Been More Fun

Sarah Ford has dedicated her entire professional life to helping children with learning disabilities. Her passion has always been to empower youngsters and teach them tools to be able to successfully navigate past their educational struggles. Sarah has had extremely positive results throughout the years, but she always wanted to find a way to make her training more fun, and thus more accessible. That was the goal she set out to achieve when she approached Whole Wheat Creative earlier this year. She wanted a way to take her proven track record of successful methods and tools and make them something kids would look forward to doing. Together, we came up with Reading Bandit - an interactive iPad application geared towards teaching children (both with learning disabilities and without) how to read and write.

iOS Game Development Houston iOS App Store

Bandit is a hilarious and encouraging cartoon raccoon who takes kids on an adventure through the alphabet. At the start of an adventure, kids select an animal avatar to represent themselves and off they go with Bandit. Bandit takes them through each letter of the alphabet - teaching upper and lower case versions of the letter, pronunciation, how to write it using a finger and the touch screen, and how to put sounds together to form words. Bandit will also teach kids helpful sight words to look out for when reading more complicated sentences.

Sarah, who formed Reading Bandit, LLC earlier this year to make this application, has big plans for Bandit. Later this week, Bandit and Sarah will be at the International Dyslexia Association’s Annual Reading, Literacy & Learning Conference in San Diego. Soon, the cartoon raccoon will be teaching children how to do math and how to spell. We here at Whole Wheat Creative can’t wait to see what Bandit does next.

Smart Link Remote

Weathermatic Slide 1Weathermatic Slide 3Weathermatic Slide 4
iOS App Store Google Play

Revolutionizing the irrigation industry

Weathermatic has been serving landscape professionals for more than sixty years and has a full line of controllers, weather stations, valves, rotors, sprays and nozzles. Their products have been installed in more than 70 countries on properties like the U.S. Capitol Building, Buckingham Palace and the College Football Hall of Fame.

Weathermatic is also the world's leading provider of Smart Irrigation Controllers with more than 200,000 controllers installed around the world. This smart control platform is at the heart of our new SmartLink Network - the intelligent, affordable, web-based landscape irrigation solution.

Weathermatic turned to WWC to design and develop a native iOS application for iPhone and iPad that allows landscape contractors and home owners the ability to manage their irrigation systems from the palm of their hand.

The iOS application sends and receives data using Weathermatics RESTful Api. WWC developed an Android application, which released fall of 2013.

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H2O App

H20 Slide 1H20 Slide 3H20 Slide 4H20 Slide 5
iOS App Store Google Play

Living Water International's iOS & Android App helps donors stay committed.

LWI is an implementer of participatory, community-based water solutions in developing nations. In its 20-year history, LWI has completed over 10,000 community water projects in 30 countries, which provide safe, clean water to 11.5 million people every day.

Whole Wheat Creative has worked with Living Water International for over 10 years. Beginning with design and implementation of the Living Water visual brand, which is now recognized around the world, WWC has created several generations of award-winning websites for the ministry. Living Water depends on its website to serve as its primary communication tool as well as its primary online-giving system.

The unique mobile H2O App is one of the current projects being developed by WWC for Living Water. The H20 Project is a simple but powerful campaign. Give up coffee, soda, etc. for two weeks and just drink water. Donate the money you would have spent on the drinks to help Living Water provide clean, safe water for the thirsty.

The H2O App, developed for iOS and Android, allows participants to set and track their individual campaign goals. The H2O App also gives participants the ability to establish fund-raising groups.

WWC is currently working with the talented staff at Living Water in developing the next generation of the Living Water International website and fundraising system. Both launched in 2013.

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Camp Ozark


John Moore


Stewart Information Services


San Jacinto College


SouthWestern Brick Council


Camp Ozark GO!


Children’s Learning Institute


DuPont Powder Coatings


Sterling Municipal Library


Wallace/Halpin, LLC.




Halliburton/Landmark Graphics


The Historic Stagecoach Inn


Lovett Dental Centers


Reedhycalog (NOV)



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Camp Ozark GO! 4837276349589 Top Drawer Lingerie Top Drawer Lingerie 4837276093989 Hunting Art Prize Hunting Art Prize 4837274956389 H2O App H2O App 4837272544389 Reliant (HL&P) Reliant (HL&P) 4837272533589 Knowledge Systems (Ads) Knowledge Systems (Ads) 4837272076389 SouthWestern Brick Council (TV) SouthWestern Brick Council (TV) 4837271097189 Energy Images Energy Images 4837270395189 Cardeo Trade show Cardeo Trade show 4837269030789 DuPont Coatings (video) DuPont Coatings (video) 4837268382789 Oakcreek Homes (TV) Oakcreek Homes (TV) 4837267457589 Oakcreek Homes (TV) Oakcreek Homes (TV) 4837267057989 SouthWestern Brick Council (Ads) SouthWestern Brick Council (Ads) 4837266417189 SouthWestern Brick Council (Crick TV) SouthWestern Brick Council (Crick TV) 4837264048389 Kinder Morgan 3D Kinder Morgan 3D 4837263619989 Newmark Homes Newmark Homes 4837263025989 Speedrank Speedrank 4837246599189 Sugar Ray Dimeline Sugar Ray Dimeline 4837217298789 Enserv Branding Enserv Branding 4837215599589 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Information Services (Branding) 3588043686789

Our Team

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Lee Wheat

Executive Creative Director / President WWC

Lee Wheat has held positions as VP/Creative Director with GSD&M in Austin on the Southwest Airlines and Wal-Mart accounts, VP/Creative Director with McCann Erickson Houston on Exxon and Texas Instruments, and VP/Creative Director at BRSG overseeing accounts including Shell Chemical and VALIC – all before he formed Whole Wheat Creative in 1996. His work has been recognized by leading industry publications including Communication Arts and Print magazines, as well as the American Advertising Federation and the American Marketing Association. Lee holds a degree in Graphic Design / Advertising from Lamar University.

Lee has a history of involvement in the advertising community and currently serves as Vice Chairman of the board of directors for the American Advertising Federation Houston and as a board member of Advertising Education Foundation. He has also served as President of the Art Directors Club of Houston and chaired the AAFH's and ADCH annual award competitions. Lee has created and implemented creative for the United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast and Capital Area annual fund-raising campaigns.

Gary Evans

Executive Technical Director / Principal WWC

Gary has been developing complex web applications and marketing-driven web sites for over 17 years. For the past fifteen years he has served as WWC's Technical Director and UI/UX designer. Gary manages teams of developers and designers to develop web, desktop and mobile applications for a wide range of clients including: Axalta, DuPont, Stewart Title, The Home Depot, Shell Global Solutions, Halliburton, University of Houston, University of Texas Health Science Center, and San Jacinto Community College. The WWC technical team has received numerous awards and accolades. Its work has been showcased on various industry sites including and Google Labs. Gary also holds a degree in Marketing/ITS from the University of Houston. His advertising perspective, combined with his technical experience, allows him to successfully attain the vision of Whole Wheat Creative – to effectively design and develop compelling end-user experiences. For the past 7 years Gary has been developing iOS applications for the iPhone and iPad. He has been invited to participate in workshops at WWDC and DCSF.

When he's not working he enjoys outdoor sports and coaching youth football. He also enjoys spending time with his wife Callie, two sons, Caden and Max and daughter Anabelle.

Lawton Outlaw

Creative Director

With 20 years of national agency and in-house experience in many different industries and markets, Lawton has a wide range of creative knowledge and skills. His work in the entertainment industry has earned national recognition and he has received numerous Addy awards in the Houston market.

Today Lawton navigates his clients toward their goals and objectives from a marketing and strategy standpoint—applying the experience gained in service of some of the world’s largest corporations, as well as the world’s largest record labels and movie studios. He brings invaluable insight that reflects his unique experience, creating solutions that are both recognizable and memorable.

Travis Beck

Lead Developer

Travis´s love of programming began during his freshman year of High School. The class was given the entire semester to build a math quiz program in BASIC. Without ever having seen a programming language before, Travis finished the project in a week and spent the rest of the semester helping other students and adding features to his program.

Travis has been designing and developing websites since 1999, way before it was cool. He is incredibly passionate about his work and is constantly learning new methods and technologies in order to deliver world-class web and application experiences. For the past few years travis has been developing custom iOS applications for the iPhone and iPad.

Travis has a degree in Computer Science from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College. When he's not working, he enjoys exercising, traveling, playing guitar, and writing in the third person.

Rob Bogart

Project Manager

Rob Bogart graduated from Baylor University in 2009 with a degree in marketing. Following 3+ years of work in youth ministry and a brief stop at a Houston based energy company called Champion Energy, Rob moved to New York and worked in account management for Experian Marketing Services. His clients included Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, A+E Networks and Talbots. Rob and his wife recently moved back to Houston where they met

In his spare time, Rob enjoys playing guitar and piano, talking about baseball and watching previously canceled TV shows that are on Netflix.

Mike Montes

Internet Marketing Strategist

Most SEA/SEO Internet marketing programs begin with a strategy, a plan and an "On" switch. Then "let it roll." Perhaps you're provided analytics at the end of each each month or each quarter and then have the opportunity to make adjustments. But, that is not what Mike does. Mike has worked with Internet marketing strategies for over eight years. He graduated at the top of his class from Florida State with a degree in Marketing and International Business and he is Google certified. He directs his smarts towards providing analysis, not analytics, of your website's search engine presence and real recommendations to achieve even greater performance. Through his day-to-day management of the WWC SmartOpt accounts, his careful attention to detail, and working closely with our clients, he ensures SmartOpt consistently achieves top Search Engine Advertising and Search Engine Optimization results on their behalf.

When not in front of a computer Mike focuses on quality time with his two children which includes: going to movies, camping, swimming and learning the finer points of fishing. Mike is also an avid collector and marketer of sports memorabilia for all sports.

Sean Abedinia


Sean began programming as a hobbyist when he was still in Middle School. Sean graduate from the University of Texas with a Bachelors of Science in Mathmatics.

An enthusiastic problem solver with an eye for detail, Sean enjoys making quality applications that exceed client’s expectations. When he isn’t working he likes spending time in the great outdoors.

Ashley Picket

Account Manager

Ashley Picket graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2011 double majoring in photojournalism and art. That’s where she competed in the NSAC program and found her love for Advertising. After graduation she worked as a photographer and made her way back to marketing working as an in-house designer, then for a local magazine. Now she Coordinates Projects at WWC to produce compelling deliverables for print, web, outdoor, tv and more.

Ashley has served on the Ad 2 Houston board for 5 years and is currently Co-Vice President. She enjoys participating in the Ad 2 public service campaign and continuing eduction for young professionals in the community. She is also a member of AAF-Houston and AIGA, to stay in the loop of our ever changing market.

In her spare time she enjoys yoga, painting, trying new restaurants and relaxing with her cats.